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Rapture (Fallen #4) by Lauren Kate

PhotobucketPublication Date: 12 June 2012
Publisher: Doubleday Childrens
Format: Paperback
 My review....
Nothing tops an epic love story in the world of Young Adult fiction, and the story of Luce and Daniel is one of epic proportions. So it comes as no surprise that the final installment of the saga is a fast paced, heart-stopping adventure filled with plot twists and an ending that ties up the series perfectly. 

In Rapture Luce's destiny is finally revealed. We get to discover who she was, who's he is and whom she's destined to become. I particularly liked the Luce in Rapture considerably more than her character in the previous books, as she the most determined and headstrong in this final book. I also loved how she becomes one of the biggest key players in the end and how she never knew what potential she processed all along. The character development of Luce has been one of my favorite points of the Fallen series.

Naturally Daniel is amazing in all his swoon worthiness  glory but I liked that he took a step back and that the story was about Luce. Cam, Roland, Arrianne, and all the other side characters were amazing as usual and they each added their own dimension to the story. Whether it was Cam providing some much needed lighthearted humor, or Roland adding some of his deep thought wisdom, all played their roll perfectly and it would be great to see these characters in their own story one day.

The pacing of the book was very good and I always felt like I had to know what the next chapter would hold. I was so anxious to know the  how this series ended and I was not disappointed at all. The ending is amazing and there could be no better way to end this series. 

All in all, Rapture was the perfect conclusion to a heavenly series and,although I sad to say goodbye to these characters, I am excited to see what Lauren Kate has up sleeve for us next! 

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